Malinverno Gallery

Malinverno Gallery was born inspired by the passion and expertise in identifying the talent of Pino Malinverno, who during his life, as is no longer the custom, helped and invested as a patron of the artists he considered talented.
This brought luck to him and to the artists helped and benefited by his purchases and choices.
Today for a Gallery it is no longer possible to do patronage, today the logic of the market prevails over that spirit of help, often without return that people like Pino Malinverno had!
The Gallery of Art, however, can act as a place for the growth of the Artist and for sharing in the search for his role, avoiding seeing in the artist only a client, the one who pays to be able to exhibit his works.
The real customer for the gallery does not have to be the artist, but he has to go back to being the collector or simply someone who is struck by a work seen even casually if he falls in love and buys it.
Pino Malinverno brought luck to many artists and he was inspired by the artistic policy of the Gallery with the hope that it could have the same success he had in his life!

Marco Maria Negri

Is the Chief Executive Officer, responsible for marketing, partnerships and sales.
His only commitment is to make the artist grow and be recognized in the art world.

He is also the organizer and resource manager. Make programs of activities with the idea of forming public (workshops, meetings, etc.) and educating collectors to generate sales. Move the artist's career and advise paths to follow.

Marco (On the right) with a friend Art Dealer

513 West 26th, New York

Tel: +1 (786) 6702956