Emmanuela Zavattaro

Emmanuela Zavattaro is an artist, one can say, chosen by destiny, because it was destiny that, making her break an ankle in 2014 and forcing her to immobility for months, made her approach by chance to painting. First the surprise then the awareness of being lucky enough to be able to express his emotions, his thoughts through colors.
Her artistic research is above all a psychological investigation of herself as a Woman. The Woman is fragile and delicate, but at the same time strong, determined, resistant, indeed resilient. She believes that the woman is a fragility that breathes strength.
Our time enhances power, the display of power and tends to eclipse human frailty. It is considered as a disadvantageous condition, a handicap to be concealed, but fragility is part of life, it is one of its supporting structures. Precisely in the fragility, in fact, the most precious human values ​​of sensitivity, empathy and spirituality are preserved.
Fragility refers to true beauty, since it focuses on what a person is in his essence and not how it appears.
And his intent is precisely that: to try to fathom the essence of the woman, and to bring to light what it is deep within
With his paintings he tries to stop moments, moments of life where his woman, especially through her gaze or pose communicates something.
Melancholy looks, sometimes sad and suffering, but always strong determined, resilient that capture the viewer and put them in front of questions.
Those eyes, in some way, question us and ask for answers and each of us gives his own, different and unique, as each of us is.


513 West 26th, New York

Tel: +1 (786) 6702956