Marilù S. Manzini

Marilù S. Manzini, born in 1978, is a successful Italian writer, painter, sculptor, photographer, journalist and recently director of a film based on one of her famous books: "The Black Notebook of Love". The novel, published by Rizzoli, was a literary case in Italy for the themes it has dealt with and has also had excellent commercial success.
Her first novel, which gave her the "way" in the literary world, was "Bambola di Cera", published in limited copies at a small local publishing house, the "Pontegobbo" of Piacenza.
He later published "Io Non Chiedo Permesso", published by Salani, a novel that was highly successful and dealt with the vices of rich young people in provincial towns.
As a result of the success of the second and third novels, he edited columns on important national magazines and collaborated on various anthologies together with established writers.
The fourth novel, also published by Rizzoli, is titled "If we are still alive" and, contrary to the themes dealt with in previous novels, Manzini ventured into a love novel, always maintaining its stylistic language, characterized by a ironic trait, on the edge of the comic or paradoxically of the "dramatic", as can be "dramatic" some scenes of Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.


The last novel, published by Bietti, is "La Cura Della Vergogna", a very particular novel and in many ways "distant" from previous works, dealing with a delicate subject such as shyness, through the relationship between a grandfather and a nephew.Marilù has been in business for over twenty years and in continuous artistic evolution, and has developed its talent with different artistic methods, "taking advantage" of the different opportunities and expressive specificities that each form of art allows compared to another.Even before writing the original passion of Manzini was painting, an activity that he has preserved and has taken over time to participate in various exhibitions, including some exhibitions at the D'Ars Foundation, at the Antico Oratorio della Passione di sant ' Ambrogio and a solo show at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.Despite not being a photographer from a technical point of view, Manzini realized that with photography she could enrich her artistic experiences, and in collaboration with a professional photographer she developed various photographic projects.She was awarded the permanent exhibition of one of her photos at the Jewish Museum Ferramonti in Tarsia of Cosenza entitled "The day of the Shoah" and at Mia Photo Fair 2019, the international fair in Milan, she exhibited two photos so special as to attract the attention of the printing.

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