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Marilù S. Manzini

"Eclettica" is the title of the exhibition which includes a series of representative works the different techniques used by the artist.

Writer, painter, sculptor, photographer, journalist and recently director of the upcoming film - produced by PointMedia with the collaboration of Roberto Bessi - taken from her well-known book "Il quaderno nero dell'amore" published by Rizzoli.

In "Eclectic" the surreal art of Marilù S. Manzini is an expression of her talent that sometimes explodes violently and bluntly like in this exhibition in New York. The artist's feeling cannot be confined to the expression of a painting, the composition of an installation, the creation of a sculpture, the writing of a writing, the taking of a photograph.


513 West 26th, New York

Tel: +1 (786) 6702956